It is believed that nearly 75% of the engineers passing out from various institutes are unemployable as they are severely deficient in practical hands-on training. Besides, there is an urgent need to encourage skills development and entrepreneurship in India.

EFY has therefore started hands-on training for working professionals as well as engineering students in such subjects as:

Designing with Raspberry Pi
• PCB Designing
• Microcontroller Applications
• Embedded Systems
• Robotics
• VLSI Design
• Basics of Electronics

These hands-on trainings are being imparted through:

• In-house workshops at EFY Tech Centres at different locations in India
• On-site training in institutes and organisations anywhere in India
• Self-learning with kits and step-by-step instructions

The course material for these subjects is finalised with the help of Lead Trainers who help us to train the other trainers.

The courses are modular in nature, i.e., one is free to opt for the modules or the extent of training. Each module is of a short duration.

The Indian electronics industry is contacted and consulted on a regular basis for their requirements, so that the training is in sync with the current requirements and demand.

Besides regular trainings being conducted at EFY Tech Centers, trainings have been conducted in many institutes as well, such as:

Institute Subject Location
Ambedkar Polytech Basics of Electronics (5 Days) Delhi
DAVIET College Robotics (5 Days) Punjab
ESTC PIC16 Microcontroller(10 Days) Ramnagar
Galgotia College of Engineering Basics of Electronics (5 Days) Noida
Kalasalingam University Basics of Electronics (5 Days) Madurai
Meri College Engineering & Technology Basics of Electronics (5 Days) Kerala
Manavrachana College Robotics Course (5-10 Days Faridabad
NIT Agartala PCB Design (5 Days) Agartala
Rajagiri College of Engineering and Technology 1. PIC16F Micro Controller (10 Days)
2. PCB Designing (5 Days)
SAM College of Engineering 1. Basic of Electronics (5 Days)
2. PCB Design (5 Days)
St.Joseph’s College of Engineering And Technology PCB Design (5Days) Kerala
Indian Institute Of Space Science And Technology PIC18F Microcontroller (10Days) Kerala
Gandhi institute of Technology advancement PCB Design (2 Days) Bhubneswar
St Joseph college PCB Design (2 Days) Hyderabad
GGIT Basics of Electronics (2 Days) Greater Noida