Passion for Electronics

Technology Drives Us! EFY started with the launch of Electronics For You magazine in January 1969. Ever since, everything we have done is for the electronics fraternity in our mind, including this hands-on training division of EFY, EFY Tech Center. Besides training, EFY portfolio includes publications (print and online), web portals, online properties and events – all dedicated to electronics. We intend to pass on our passion for electronics to the others.

Hands-On Training

Degrees in education by themselves are generally found insufficient to do well in life. Skill development is an important part of all-round development. This is now being realised and emphasised upon. We are trying to help in this through individuals’ training at EFY Tech Center all over India and group trainings at institutes and institutions. Thousands of persons have already undertaken our short-term trainings and received the certificates.

Latest Technologies

Training is given in the latest technologies as well as some popular subjects that are in demand in the industry. The subjects being covered at present include Microcontroller applications, Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards, PCB Designing, Embedded Systems, Robotics, VLSI/FPGA design and Basics of Electronics. The course content is mentioned under ‘Training’ above (see ‘Courses’). The subjects are added or removed from the list as per demand from the industry.


Popular Courses At EFY Tech Center




Narayana Murthy M, Senior Applications Engineer, Cypress Semiconductors Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Basics of Electronics)

“The trainers at the EFY Tech Center helped me a lot at the training place and off the training place. I am thankful to them. The course had a real hands-on approach, and everything went well. My compliments to the Tech Center team”

Mr Murthy ( working with MSME Chennai) (PCB Design)

“The training has been a pleasurable experience. They were very friendly, professional, efficient and attend to all my inquiries in an expeditious manner. I am very pleased with the training and time they have put into my course and the professional outcome of their work. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is interested in obtaining courses.”



“The workshop provided many useful inputs related to Micro Controller .”

Ms Alka (working with ESTC Ramnagar)(PIC18F4520 workshop)

Amazing teacher & I can not forget this training period.”

Mr Sanjeev Dhaiya (Student, MSITCollege of Engineering, Delhi) (Arduino Workshop)

“The topics covered were all very relevant topics and will help us a lot in future.”

Ms Sonia (Student, Galgotia, Noida) (Basics of Electronics Workshop)

“Working on IC’s and their internal structure & how they work.”

Mr Rajat (student of Galgotia, Noida) (Basics of Electronics Workshop)

“Lots of practical skills especially soldering on PCB.”

Mr Sohil (student of Galgotia, Noida) (Basics of Electronics Workshop)